Approved distributor of the WinchRite® / TackRite for Europe
Electrify all your winches for a fraction of the costs of an electric winch

with the electrified winchhandle 
WinchRite®. Performed with the Advanced Brushless motor technology. Ideal for hoisting, in- and onrolling from your mainsail or genua. The WinchRite® is an electrified winchhandle that operates with a powerfull Lit-ion battery. You don't need wiring so you can easily electrify all your winches on board.
WinchRite® will be delivered with a multi 110-230 charger, a 12 volt charger, two cog sockets, a bag and a holder to store the WinchRite® while sailing.

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Technical details WinchRite  
Weight 2,9 kg. 
Torque 110 nm. +
Battery 21,6 DC lit-ion 2,8 Ah
Chargers 110/220 volt & 12 volt
R.p.m. 0-120 t.p.m. traploos
Dual directions Yes
Water resistant Yes:  IPX6
The simple boom brake TackRite controls the boom swing when jibing. No more dangerous unexpected gyb.
The TackRite is made one piece of 316 stainless steel and suitable for a mainsail up to 50 m².
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